It is now time to place your orders for 2015 chickens. All chickens will cost $3.50/lb this year. Chickens average 4-5 lbs each. For orders of 5 or more chickens there is a required $25 deposit with your order. The deposit is meant to help cover feed costs during the season.

We will be processing chickens three times this summer.

  • June 6th
  • July 18th
  • Sept. 12th (postponed till Oct. 3rd)

Chickens are available as whole birds or cut up (wings, legs, breasts, back, etc). This year we will be selling chicken necks, hearts, gizzards, and livers for $1.75/lb. A $2 charge is added per cut-up chicken.

All chickens are fed a diet of antibiotic/hormone free feed and grass and many bugs they find in the field! To insure we know what our chickens' diet is we mix our own feed with non-GMO corn and oats from our farm, non-GMO roasted soybeans from our local feed company, and a unique mix of vitamins we purchase from our trusted local feed provider. Our chickens eat some of the freshest feed possible!

Please place your orders as soon as possible because there is a limited supply and all orders are first come first serve.

Please fill out and submit the form below for the day(s) you would like to pick up your chickens. If you order 5 or more chickens please send your $25 deposit to the address below. All payments can be made out to Grimm Family Farm. Your deposit will be subtracted from your total at the time of pick-up.

702 Long St                                                                                                                                                                                                  Williamsburg, IA 52361